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December 28, 2015  
December 28, 2015  

Sermon message from Christmas worship service, 2015

December 21, 2015  

Sermon Outline

1) WHERE will the Messiah come from?

2) He will be their SHEPHERD.

3) They will live SECURELY.

4) It's all about GOD.

5) He will be our PEACE.

Next steps...

*Read Psalm 23 and think about what aspect of God as your shepherd you need and appreciate the most.

*Think about whether you tend to live believing that God exists for you and your salvation or that you exist for God and give Him glory. Why does it make a difference?

*Invite Jesus to be present in every circumstance in your life this week and to be your deep and abiding peace.
December 15, 2015  

Short sermon message from the Children's Christmas program worship service

December 14, 2015